Mikveh in Zamość

Mikveh in Zamość. Fot. Michal Maziarz

It’s been a long time since the Zamość ritual bath has been in use for the last time. Jewish population of the „renaissance ideal town” of Zamość perished during the Holocaust and thus the mikveh was not used ever since.

Situated at Zamenhoffa street, within the city walls, the bath is now part of the Hotel 77. The owner, charming local entrepreneur, has put a lot of effort in order to bring the mikveh to light again. And he did literally as the whole piece where the mikveh’s pool is situated, used to be filled with rubble. Several trucks were filled with old bricks and construction debris that used to fill the piece from the bottom to the top. Today, after a careful cleanup, a natural source down in the cellar is spurting with water again. Serving to the pious Jewish population of Zamość in the old days, it is now being used to water the garden of the hotel.

Lots of work is still to be done in order to use this place again but even now the view is amazing – the pool is situated much below the floor level and one can still see the old tiles dating back to the beginning of XX c. on the floor.

Visiting the mikveh is only possible after a prior arrangement with the hotel’s owner.