Six brothers from Fuks family. A story from Brzeziny

Looking for uncle Aron’s house Brzeziny is a small place in central Poland. In spite of its microscopic size, for many years it had been the greatest tailoring center in the country. Almost all of the local tailors were of Jewish origin and the... Read more

Jewish Brzeziny during the Second World War

The Nazi German Army entered the town on the first days of war, in September 1939. It had been decided that Brzeziny, together with the western part of Poland, would be incorporated to the Third Reich, whereas the areas east of the town were to... Read more

A list of Holocaust survivors from Brzeziny

There is hard to estimate the precise number of Shoah survivors from Brzeziny. The list below shows ONLY the names of people who survived the war and then moved to former German Lower Silesia that became a part of People’s Republic of Poland... Read more