Six brothers from Fuks family. A story from Brzeziny

Looking for uncle Aron’s house Brzeziny is a small place in central Poland. In spite of its microscopic size, for many years it had been the greatest tailoring center in the country. Almost all of the local tailors were of Jewish origin and the... Read more

The discreet charm of Krzepice

Częstochowa, a small city in central Poland, has one of  the longest lists of Jewish Holocaust survivors in Poland. Thanks to the activities of World Society of Czestochowa Jews, the story of its Judaic population is very well documented. But what... Read more

Unknown photos of Jewish life / Myszkow and Zarki

In 1983, my American friend, Harry Birnholz came for a tour to communist Poland. He payed a visit to his father’s family town, Myszkow (yiddish Mishkov ). One of the places he visited was a studio of a local photographer, Mr Bożek, who turned... Read more

AL Golleschau

Cement plant in Goleszów ( Golleschau ) Reportedly, Dr Hans Frank, the Governor-General of the Nazi-occupied Poland, used to say very often that Poland was the largest labour camp in the whole of Europe. This dictum of his was not far from the... Read more

Jewish Bedzin – a tragedy in three acts

Paula admiring restoration works at Mizrachi prayer house

Like many other Polish towns Będzin seems to be gazing nostalgically into the past. What used to be an important commercial centre in one of the largest industrial districts of the tsarist Russia is now an exceedingly run-down and unsightly witness... Read more

Opoczno survival story

opoczno survival story

Everyone who either reads press articles or watches TV broadcasts in Poland will easily notice that one of the most contested topics concerning the country’s  last decades history is the Poles’ attitude towards their Jewish neighbours.... Read more

Looking for Jewish Jedrzejow

Jędrzejów, a town in Kielce region, is usually linked with the Cistercian abbey dating back to the XII century and the Clock Museum boasting one the richest collections in the world. It does not mean though that there was no Jewish population... Read more