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We are a team of professional guides and researchers offering wide range of private, customised tours and genealogy research.

Family roots in Poland

For many years we have been helping people of Jewish and Christian descent to discover their Polish roots. The company was founded in 2006 by Jakub Czupryński; he and all his co-workers are professional researchers and guides.

The range of our services is very wide. Our main field of activity is design & organization of custom-made, private heritage tours for people who want to visit and learn about the country of their ancestors.

We also offer genealogical research for all those interested to learn more about the past of their families, obtain Polish citizenship or reunite with relatives living in Poland.

We are happy to present you a list of references from our numerous clients, institutions dealing with Jewish genealogy, as well as media articles & radio reports about us that appeared in Israeli and Polish media.

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Our team - guides and researchers

genealogy researcher

Jakub Czupryński

researcher, guide and travel journalist. Specialises in the history of Polish Jews. For several years, he has been carrying out professional genealogical research and organising heritage tours in Poland. Collaborates with the Jewish Record Indexing Poland, Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow and Jewish Community Centre, where he organises meetings and lectures on genealogy.

genealogy researcher

Damian Nowak

historian, genealogist, author of many articles on southeastern Polish towns, active member of "Magurycz" cultural association dealing with the preservation of sacral art of Galicia.

private guide genealogy reasercher

Michal Maziarz

guide, researcher, musician. Specialises in etnography and traditional music of Central Poland. Interested in the history of the prewar Jewish community of his hometown, Jędrzejów (Kielce region).

A few references from our clients

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