From Klodno Wielkie to the British Navy

In 2009 we managed to reunite members of a Polish family split by the World War II. We found relatives of Mr S. Paliwoda from England and we visited a village in the Ukraine where his family used to live before the war.

Father of Mr Paliwoda lived in the part of Poland that is in the Ukraine now. At the beginning of WWII he was conscripted to the Red Army and then sent to Siberia. Later he joined the Polish army of general Anders and marched through the Middle East, eventually joined Polish Navy in one of the British navy bases. Died in the seventies, leaving no information about his life in Poland…

We invited Mr Paliwoda for a tour to a village where his father came from. Klodno in the Ukraine was just a beginning of a long tour following in the footsteps of the Father…

“For a number of years I had wished to trace my fathers family history in Poland/Ukraine, but the language barrier meant this was impossible for me. Insiders undertook some initial research that culminated in a trip across the South of Poland and into the Ukraine. The trip included tracking down birth records, being reunited with lost relatives and eventually finding the farm my father lived on as a boy in the part of Poland that is now in the Ukraine. All aspects of the tour were thoroughly researched for us so we had a detailed and fascinating insight into the history of areas we visited.
The tour was very professionally managed, with accommodation and travel arrangements booked to our detailed requirements. Jakub from Insiders made this the trip of a lifetime for myself and my wife and we could not have achieved more. I would have no hesitation in recommending Insiders for any of their standard or customised tours and will be certain that you will receive the best possible levels of service for your trip”.

S. Paliwoda, England