The case of Pelz family

One of our first genealogical commisions was the case of Brian Pelz from Canada who came to Poland as a tourist and didn’t know much about his Polish background. After tree days we reunited him with his Polish family….  In September of 2006, my wife and I came to Europe on a tour of southern Poland. Since I am of Polish descent, I also brought along my family tree with the faint hope of finding some history of my ancestors. Jakub Czuprynski was our guide and when he learned of my quest, he offered me his help. Knowing only the name of the village and the Polish spelling of my name, he was able to find living relatives in the area where my grandfather was born. Consequently, I am now re-acquainted with a branch of my family after 106 years! I was also able to trace this branch of my family back to the mid 1700’s and con-tinue to this day to add to the history of my family. I was especially impressed with Jakub’s friendly nature, his knowledge of the country and his professional attitude. I would recommend him to anyone with a similar family quest.  Brian Pelz, Canada