"Contacting Jakub in 2015 turned out to be the best part of my sojourn to Poland."

I have been working on a long term (nearly 6 years ) project on my father who survived eight Nazi forced labor camps.

Jakub Czuprynski researched, designed and planned a way for me to tour my father’s work camps in the best possible use of time. I only had the German names of the camps, not the Polish yet Jakub was able to locate information on these places. Not only was I able to see three of the sites of the forced labors camps my father was taken to, I was also able to see four of the main killing centers in Poland. Jakub is a virtual storehouse of information on Poland and WWII. His passion and enthusiasm for the history of his country is impressive. Because of Jakub, I was able to understand so much more about my father’s homeland.

Jakub is a reliable, honest and caring young man and when I return to Poland
to continue my research, I will be happy to be able to work with him again.

Hannah Kozak, photographer, writer, film maker, 2015.