Big collection of Jewish family letters found in Krakow

Jassem Klagsbald Fell Hollander

Photos and letters were found recently in one of Krakow’s centrally located apartment houses. The whole collection tells us a fascinating story about prewar Jewish inhabitants, their relatives, friends and lovers who were corresponding with each other until the German invasion of 1939. Hoping that their living descendants can be still found, I would like to keep the content confidential.

People that appear in the correspondence :
  • Ewa FELL ( student from Sanok ), apparently died in the Lvov ghetto. Her sister was Ida.
  • Szymon KLAGSBALD from Przemysl,
  • Roman, Rozia, Minka and Ewa HOLLANDER
  • Helena HELFGOT
  • Dr Maurycy and Sydonia JASSEM
  • T. WERNER from Bochnia
  • Abram NUSSBAUM
  • Roza URABIN
  • Gerhard PAŹDZIOR

Anyone who can contribute to our knowledge about the above mentioned is kindly asked to contact us.